Interlocking Wooden Triangle Earrings made from Bacote & Paduak

The LaserGeek has been a long time in the making.

The founder and principal designer and builder, Brian Cook, has been performing comedy magic and managing stage shows for over 20 years.  He has been building for even longer. Brian has always had a passion for making things since he was a little kid. Over the years, Brian noticed that he could not find the props for the routines he wanted to perform, the ones he did find, didn’t fit his personal style so he started making his own.  His craftsmanship and creativity was noticed by other performers and they reached out to him to make special, custom props for their shows, bringing to life his second company, MagicCrafter

Brian was not the only person with a creative background in the family, his wife, Serih, has been a long time artist working with a variety of mediums from paint, charcoal, paper mache and more, often mixing mediums to create unique multi-textured piece. Before getting married, they decided to marry their skills and passions, the result was a spark that created The LaserGeek.  It started with a pair of wooden earrings of intertwining triangles, from there is grew to pet themed products (because the love their dogs and cats) and then moved on to fun nightlights for kids to help them learn their colors.   

Word of their interesting products, artistry and quality expanded to other industries (E.g. Comics, Information Technology, Medical, Toys and Game, Restaurants, etc.) and The LaserGeek started making products for other small businesses and private events, including jewelry, signage, awards, toys, custom motorcycle badging and custom parts for larger products.

Brian and Serih are always excited by a new challenge, so they can’t wait to see what fun and exciting ideas you have that they can bring to life.